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About Us

Though we may wish for a world without hunger or financial hardship, that is not our reality. It is the goal of Abraham’s Pantry to ensure no family that falls on challenging times in our community ever needs to skip meals to make it work. We do this by providing a 3 day emergency supply of food and, if needed, cleaning and hygiene products.

For more information about us, you can access a PDF of our Purpose, Mission, Vision Statement by clicking the button below.

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Purpose, Mission, Vision Statement


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In 2021, Union Presbyterian Church (UPC) began receiving a notable increase in requests for food assistance from our neighbors in need. As emergency funding from the COVID-19 pandemic began to dwindle, a team of UPC members felt a higher call and began to revamp the food “closet” into a true pantry. 

A small closet moved to a larger walk in closet and eventually to a larger, unoccupied office space. Partnerships were born, grant funding was received and Abraham’s Pantry now serves 375+ people per year and numbers continue to grow.

Partner Organizations

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